Katy Perry and The Great Super Bowl 49 Halftime Show

Before I begin this post I would like to say one thing to all of my 10’s of readers.


We are now living in what is the world after the Katy Perry halftime show.



Photo courtesy of Reuters. Taken by Lucy Nicholson

On Sunday night, a recording breaking 114.4 million people tuned in to Super 49, according to a NBC Nielsen Scan report.

The viewership surged to 118 million during the “Wide Awake” singer’s show that included cameos from a fresh-faced Lenny Kravitz and an energized Missy Elliot.

Perry’s set showcased exactly what we all love about the “California Girl” – catchy music, a vibrant electrical stage presentation and an undeniable stage presence that left the University of Phoenix Stadium cheering.

Katy’s set opened up with the lead single of her latest album Prism – “Roar“.

“Super bowl are you ready to roar!?”

Perry shouted a top of a ginormous mechanical metallic tiger that was maneuvered across the field by an entourage of people disguised in black body suits (but it looked so real).

Wearing a flame-inspired costume, Perry belted out the Billboard Hot 100 no.1 hit that finished with a massive, well, roar.

Just as soon as the song ended, the stadium transformed from a lion’s den in to an electrical chess board.

Blue colors and lights pulsated throughout the arena as Perry’s dancers, dressed as chess game pieces, began undulating their bodies to “Dark Horse” – the songstress’ latest song to reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Paired with tight, but minimal, choreography, Perry moves through the song skillfully.

Relying on the back track to deliver most of the song’s lyrical content, Perry let out “oh’s” and “ah’s” for the song and at points, showed her fans that no one can do Katy Perry background vocals better than herself.

It is at this point in the set that Perry is joined by her first guest star of the night – a guitar wielding Lenny Kravitz.

Dropping to her knees and whipping her pony tail several times, Perry was accompanied by Kravitz to sing “I Kissed A Girl” – Perry’s first single to reach no. 1 on the Billboard charts in 2008.

Next, another stage change and a first costume change brought Perry back onto the main platform where she performed a medley of her hits “Teenage Dream” and “California Girls“.

Dressed in a beach-ball themed dress, Perry turned her mic outward to the arena during California Girls and asked the crowd to sing the lyrics.

It was obvious at this point that the arena had been transformed from football fans to “KatyCats” because the response to her music was so unanimous and loud it was as if every single person in the arena knew the lyrics verbatim.

Dancing surfboards, palm trees, beach balls and sharks (left shark slays) all gyrated on stage alongside perry for the beach-side set.

Perry blew through a large portion of her music catalog at this point in the show. So, what does she do? Brings out another artist to sing their songs with – namely Missy Elliot.

Wearing an over-sized “Katy Perry 49” jacket, Perry joined Elliot for renditions of Elliot’s hits “Get Your Freak On” and “Work It“.

Perry’s minimal dancing disappeared to virtually nothing as she swung her arms and dropped her body a few times throughout the set.

However, whatever dance presentation Perry lacked, it was impressively made up for by Elliot and her group of robo-cop dressed dancers.

Like a scene out of a tron video game, Elliot continued on to “Lose Control” while Perry fled off screen.

Delivering rap lyrics atop of the infectious beat of the 2005 dance anthem, Elliot was a moment to be remembered from the entire show.

Flashing her bright smile, Elliot waved to the applauding audience members as the camera moved to another platform.

It was here that Perry began to sing arguably the biggest hit of her career – “Firework“.

Wearing a silver star sequined dress (yes, another costume change), Perry was attached to a floating star.

As she sang the song, her vocals were some of the most impressive live efforts observed by fans from her for quite sometime.

As Perry reached the chorus of the Billboard Hot 100 no. hit, she was lifted across the arena on shooting star as fireworks exploded all around the arena.

It was a spectacle.

“Thank you Super Bowl and God Bless America!”

The powerhouse shouted as the halftime show, that would rival that of Madonna and Beyonce of former years, came to a glittery end.

Watch the full show here and enjoy.

Katy Perry’s Prism was released on October 16th, 2013.


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