Living For Love: Madonna is back.

Red leaf


Like a bitch out of war…

Like a bat out of hell…

Like a fish out of water…

Madonna is back with the first single off of her latest and recently leaked album, Rebel Heart.

“Living For Love” is a perfect reminder to all who question Madge’s relevancy and potential that she is and forever will be the Queen of Pop.

And, as Nicki Minaj once said, there’s only one queen and that’s Madonna, bitchhhhh!

“Living For Love” is a song about moving on from a bad break up (we can all relate).

“I’m living for love, living for love. I’m not giving up. I’m gonna carry on…!

Originally debuting on popular social app SnapChat, the video is a glorious representation of not only the message of the song, but of Madonna’s showmanship as a whole.

Take a look for yourself and behold the greatness that has and always will be Madonna.

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