Review: Jessie J at The Fillmore in Miami Beach, FL

Photo taken by author.

Photo taken by author.

British pop singer Jessie J stripped, strutted and sang her heart out to a sold out show in Miami Beach, Fla. Sunday night.

The doors opened for patrons to enter The Fillmore in Miami Beach, Fla. at around 7:30 p.m. where fans found a series of merchandise tables, concession stands and bars dotted in the venues lobby.

In the main room, at about 8:25 p.m. local DJ and Y100 radio personality DJ Mack spun a series of lively tracks that kept audience members amped up for the main event of the night – Jessie J.

Promptly at about 9 p.m. the British songstress stomped her way onto stage with “Ain’t Been Done” – a song off of her latest album SweetTalker.

The crowd erupted into screams and cheers as Jessie strutted herself down a series of steps in a black tank with “Miami” printed on it.

“This is my first time ever performing in Miami,” Jessie told the fans.

The crowd in the crowd sang, danced and waved their hands as the sing moved through the hour long set of songs.

Noticeably subdued from her typical eccentric style, what Jessie J lacked in presentation she made up for in vocal delivery and crowd interaction.

Several times throughout the night she asked fans to sing a song with her.

At one point she even brought up a fan on stage who had won the chance to sing “Personal” on stage.

“The best moments of the show for me was when she sang with the fans,” said one concert goer after the show.

Photo taken by author.

Photo taken by author.

At about half way through the show, Jessie began to sing her Billboard Hot 100 hit “Price Tag” she asked the band to stop playing and to start over.

“I’m a perfectionist and I actually sing live. I want to start over,” Jessie said to the crowd with a laugh.

The redo went off without any interruptions, besides that of the crowd singing along.

The final song of the night was “Bang Bang” – a song that peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts.

Before the song started Jessie pulled off her top and strutted her way through the song in just her hotpants and bra.

It was the one moment of the show that the singer’s known eccentric wardrobe choices were showcased.

“Thank you, Miami! I hope to see you again soon! Goodnight!” Jessie said with a fist punch to the air.

To buy tickets to Jessie J’s SweetTalker Tour visit or her official web site.


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