Review: Adele Returns with ‘Hello’

Late last night, English singer-songwriter and ten-time Grammy award winner, Adele, sent fans into a frenzy after she released the song and video for ‘Hello’ – the first single off her highly anticipated new album 25.

Hello. It’s me,” the songstress appropriately murmurs as she leads into the first song she has released since 2012.

Her soulful voice is instantly recognizable as she powers her way through the song.

Hello from the outside/At least I can say that I’ve tried” the heart grabbing chorus begins. “To tell you I’m sorry, for breaking your heart/ But, it don’t matter, it clearly doesn’t tear you apart anymore“.

‘Hello’ brings all the elements that make a classic and tear-jerking Adele song great together for a triumphant introduction to 25.

And with every belt, Adele channels the emotion of a woman who longs to reconnect with a past relationship, but her partner is not receptive.

Relatable, passionate and ominously thunderous, ‘Hello’ showcases Adele at her best.

An ordinary experience suddenly becomes an extraordinary venture with this track.

If ‘Hello’ is any indication of what to expect from 25 then the long wait for her return will be more than worth it. 

Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself. 

Adele’s highly anticipated ’25’ is set for release on Nov. 25th.

Check out the song and video HERE


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